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Monday 11 October, 2010
Thermo-Floor Prefabricate Offsite For HMP Moorland

Thermo-Floor has been working with Mechanical Engineers N G Bailey on the extension of HMP Moorland in Doncaster, currently home to almost 800 inmates.

Andy Powis, Business Development Executive at Thermo-Floor explains:"We were bought on board to provide 400 sheets of reinforced wire mesh with the underfloor heating pipe attached. Prefabricated offsite, the sheets are then shipped off to be precast into a concrete floor slab which can then be erected directly on site. Due to the secure nature of the environment, prisons are often constructed off site and the development at HMP Moorland is no different".

"Underfloor heating is ideal in this type of environment, as it is set within the fabrication of the building so eliminates the need for wall mounted radiators and pipe work which can present safety issues in prisons. This project is very similar to the offsite work we did for HMP Littlehey in Cambridgeshire, but the difference is that project specified prefabricated underfloor heating into the pod of the complete cell instead of just the floor slab. Working on site and off site, Thermo-Floor has heating and cooling solutions for any project."

Tuesday 21 September, 2010
Underfloor Heating Or Cooling: New Line Learning Academy Can Choose At The Flick Of A Switch

Thermo-Floor has recently commissioned the system installed at the New Line Learning Academy in Kent, Maidstone’s first rebuilt academy. The project, managed by Carillion, has taken 82 weeks and has cost £24 million.

Warren Evans, Project Manager from Thermo-Floor explains:"This project specified the latest industry advancements using Modern Methods of Construction in order to satisfy the requirements of the outstanding facilities they were striving to achieve. We were bought on board by SPIE Matthew Hall to install a 6500m² underfloor heating or cooling system which will provide a comfortable environment for students, ensuring enhanced creativity and productivity. Underfloor systems which can either heat or cool are growing in popularity to ensure the temperature is regulated whatever the weather outside, providing a more consistent, accurate and energy efficient solution than those systems that work independently of each other".

"The cost of installing underfloor heating is fast becoming comparable to a more conventional system with radiators, especially when you take into consideration the huge savings to be made because of the system's lower running costs. Thermo-Floor continues to offer systems that meet the key considerations of projects of today, with a mind to fulfil the sustainability considerations of tomorrow".

Thursday 12 August, 2010
Thermo-Floor Install At Walsall Hospital

Thermo-Floor has recently worked on the £170 million redevelopment of Manor Hospital in Walsall, installing underfloor heating in the Atrium, Cafe area and the Streets. The extensive hospital redevelopment is due to be finished in 2011 and will boast state of the art facilities.

Glynn Jones, Business Development Executive from Thermo-Floor explains: "We were bought on board by Skanska - who have been responsible for the design, construction and hard facilities management - to install 1300m² of underfloor heating into two communal areas of the hospital. Ideal for large open spaces which could prove more difficult to heat with a traditional central heating system, floor heating uses radiant heat evenly across the complete floor, allowing you to experience warmth at a lower air temperature resulting in a positive effect on the humidity of the room. Also, as the entire system is concealed within the floor fabrication it allows complete freedom of design, another massive benefit of the system".

"Traditional central heating systems are simply not as effective for this type of space. Next generation energy efficient heating and cooling solutions are growing in popularity as give Designers, Engineers, Specifiers and Architects the solution that meets the requirements of today’s market."

Thursday 15 July, 2010
Thermo-Floor Create A More Comfortable Wait At Liverpool Airport

Thermo-Floor has been working on the new passenger security search area at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, installing 2400m2 of underfloor heating.Liverpool Airport

As part of the ambitious £12m development, Neil Evans, Managing Director for Thermo-Floor explains: "We were brought on board to design and install an underfloor heating solution for the new security search area and the link extension between this area and the terminal building".

"As is common with most projects in todays market, people want good design using modern methods of construction whilst being environmentally aware. Thermo-Floor are able to provide expert service backed up with over 30 years experience installing a system that has all of these benefits and many more. As time passes, more and more projects are specifying underfloor heating. The benefit of being able to have complete freedom of design plays a huge part but the fact that it is a cost effective, energy efficient solution, means it's the obvious choice".

"Thermo-Floor is determined to continue to drive the growth of the underfloor heating market. The traditional UK central heating market is getting left behind as alternative solutions become increasingly more popular".

Thursday 15 July, 2010
Barnfield South Academy Opens It's Doors With Thermo-Floor

Thermo-Floor has been busy installing a 9800m² underfloor heating or cooling solution as part of a £30 million Building Schools for the Future project being undertaken by Wates Construction at Barnfield South Academy, in Luton. Barnfield South Academy Opens its Doors with Thermo-Floor

Ensuring the temperature is regulated inside, whatever the weather outside, Neil Evans, Managing Director of Thermo-Floor explains:"A system that allows you to both heat and cool a building means you are able to accurately control the temperature at all times. Regulated temperature is proven to maintain concentration levels and enhance productivity, which makes this system ideal for a learning environment. The Academy design had the objective of providing a high quality and stimulating environment using modern applications that met the energy efficiency requirements.

"We were bought on board by Briggs and Forrester Engineering Services Ltd, the Mechanical Contractors on the project, as we have over 20 years experience of installing energy efficient simultaneous underfloor heating and cooling solutions within the UK. As the market wakes up to the changing demands for energy efficient solutions, Thermo-Floor will continue to meet that demand."

Tuesday 27 April, 2010
Thermo-Floor Launch New Wiring Centre

Thermo-Floor in conjunction with Dutch parent company WTH, has developed a unique and innovative wiring centre for use with their systems.

Neil Evans, Managing Director of Thermo-Floor explains: "An effective heating or cooling system relies upon effective control for optimum output and efficiency gains. Our new wiring centre, the latest system we've bought onto the market, is quick and easy to mount, programme and control. It can even be installed wirelessly. Thanks to its universal control of the entire heating and cooling system – including boilers, coolers, heat pumps and primary valves - buildings benefit from streamlined energy use. Other innovative features include pump and valve kicks to prevent breakdowns, condensation protection with log files for running hours and more".

"At Thermo-Floor we are constantly developing our products and creating next generation systems with improved functionality. We continue to extend our offering and evolve our products, to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and our clients enjoy the most technically advanced, energy efficient products".

Friday 23 April, 2010
Thermo-Floor Work With Accent In Bradford

Thermo-Floor have recently completed the installation of underfloor heating on nine new three bed family eco-homes, at Munby Street in Bradford. Thermo-Floor work with Accent in Bradford

Working with Accent Group on 'The Accent Healthy Home', which have been constructed to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, Neil Evans, Managing Director of Thermo-Floor, explains: "The criteria set out for the project included the use of proven sustainable features that are easy to use and simple to maintain and our underfloor heating systems are just that. High energy efficiency standards were specified to reduce the environmental impact but which will also have a positive effect on the homes and their occupants in the future. As well being energy efficient, the onward running costs of underfloor heating is much lower in comparison to a standard heating system, as much as 25% in some cases, which made it the obvious choice".

Tuesday 30 March, 2010
Thermo-Floor Install Thermo-Link At Oxford Brookes University

Thermo-Floor has been busy at the Marston Road student accommodation development for Oxford Brookes University, the £150m upgrade programme. The project specified the use of radiators with individual zone temperature control, so the Thermo-Link system was the perfect solution.

Thermo-Link is a complete radiator connection system using a high standard double walled plastic tube, installed within the floor screed. Neil Evans, Managing Director of Thermo-Floor explains: "The system, all driven initially from a boiler, connects the flow and return to a Thermo-Link manifold. The specialist tube is constructed using a tube within a tube in order to insulate the flow and return, which is set within the floor screed, to ensure the floor temperature is not adversely affected by the pipe work. This is then linked between the manifold and radiators".

"We were brought on board because the system is quick to install so perfect for quick turnaround, multi-discipline projects. Another advantage is that each radiator has its own flow and return, allowing the individual room temperature control required. There is also a reduced risk of leaks and lime scale build up and there is never any corrosion of any kind".

"Thermo-Floor is committed to continue to bring new and effective heating and cooling solutions to the marketplace, in order to meet the ever changing demands of the marketplace."

Thursday 11 March, 2010
Thermo-Floor enjoy another successful Ecobuild

Thermo-Floor return from another successful Ecobuild. As well as generating a large number of good quality leads, they received enormous interest in the new products which they launched at the show.

Neil Evans, Managing Director of Thermo-Floor, explains: "The number of visitors on our stand within minutes of the doors opening on the first day was astounding. The show was really well attended and all of the people we spoke to were genuinely interested in the projects we have been working on, the unique products we offer and of course the new ones we were launching and our plans for the months ahead".

"The visitor numbers on the stand remained constant throughout the whole of the show and by close of play on Thursday we had taken almost 200 good quality leads".

"We were especially pleased with the response to our new Wiring Centre and Raised Access Floor system which will be available to the market in May".

"Offering complete solutions from design through to installation of underfloor heating and cooling, with a wide range of bespoke manifolds it was easy for people to see the benefit of our systems. We offer a high specification solution to meet the ever demanding requirements of the industry."

Friday 26 February, 2010
The manifold of the future; the C-2050 from Thermo-Floor

Thermo-Floor has developed the revolutionary C-2050 plastic manifold. Building on their product range which already includes heating and cooling manifolds for main heating or additional heating and special applications, the C-2050 brings something different. The manifold of the future; the C-2050 from Thermo-Floor

Neil Evans, Managing Director of Thermo-Floor explains: "The C-2050 has been developed to reflect the demands of the projects of today. Quick and professional installation at an affordable price is key and the C-2050 helps us to achieve this. It has a faster install time than any other manifold as the process is unique. Once its mounting plate has been bolted into position, the assembly can begin. The Manifold slots onto the mounting plate and the internal fixtures are clipped into place. It really couldn't be simpler".

"Unlike other manifolds, the C-2050 has integrated flow meters to achieve optimum output making it even more energy efficient than its contemporaries. It is suitable for all types of projects and as soon as it’s installed, it's ready to use. Thermo-Floor's ethos is a commitment to continuous product development to stay ahead of our customers’ ever changing requirements, especially in the energy efficiency arena. The C-2050 is the latest proof that we're doing just that."

Monday 11 January, 2010
Thermo-Floor prepare for Ecobuild 2010

Thermo-Floor are preparing for what they hope will be their busiest Ecobuild to date.

Neil Evans, Managing Director of Thermo-Floor explains:"In previous years, Ecobuild has proved a great success for us. The audience there are always keen to hear about our energy efficient products, and discover how our underfloor heating systems create cost savings for the end user and promote a healthier and safer environment in for example schools. Orders for our simultaneous underfloor heating and cooling system grew significantly last year as the UK began to wake up to the benefits of being able to heat and cool a building using one system. We are keen for this trend to continue and Ecobuild is an ideal platform from which we can educate the market about the latest developments from Thermo-Floor".

"This year we have a number of new initiatives which we are bringing to the show and an impressive back catalogue of projects to showcase from 2009. These include the installation of underfloor cooling at the Yas Island Marina, home to the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the installation of underfloor heating as part of the redevelopment of the iconic Roundhouse campus at Derby College and many more."

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