Underfloor Heating & Biomass Boilers

Underfloor heating can be installed with a biomass boiler system offering a highly efficient heating solution for your home of office space.

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Biomass Heating

There are three types of biomass heating system, fully automated, semi automated and pellet fired biomass heating.

Biomass Boilers

Commercial and industrial biomass boiler systems, domestic biomass boiler Systems for good quality fuels, domestic and small commercial biomass boiler systems can all be deployed with underfloor heating.

Biomass Pellet Storage

Often, large biomass installations are planned as part of the construction of a new building. In such cases both the biomass boiler and the fuel store may be integrated into the structure. Above Ground Biomass Fuel Storage and Below Ground Biomass Fuel Chip Storage options are available.

Using these fuels can offer huge savings in running costs but the capital cost of the equipment can be much higher than those systems that burn good quality fuels. These boilers can also produce higher temperature water, as well as steam and thermal oil which can both be utilised for producing CHP.

Underfloor Heating Biomass Boilers

For installation questions or help with choosing the correct underfloor heating and biomass boiler for your project e-mail at sales@thermo-floor.co.uk or call our sales help line on 01455 203205.

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