Compact Floor Heating Systems

Thermo-Floor provides advice on energy savings, floor construction coordination and advantages of compact floor heating.

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Energy Savings

The right floor heating system not only gives you optimum comfort, it also saves energy and money. The cost of operating a floor heating system can be reduced due to low surface temperatures and hence low heating water temperatures. Floor heating is therefore ideal where low-temperature energy sources are used, such as condensing boilers, heat pumps and solar collectors.

The approximate cost savings per 1 K (°C) lower room air temperature are 6%. Low room air temperature also has the great physiological advantage of significantly increasing the absorption of oxygen.

Coordination of Floor Construction

The following items must be coordinated between the architect, construction manager, installation technician and floor layer:

  • Horizontal level line
  • Floor structure with:
  • Strength appropriate to the level of use
  • Necessary vapour retarders/barriers
  • Necessary thermal insulation/impact sound insulation
  • Compact filling compound to be applied by installer, floor layer or construction manager
  • Expansion joints
  • Floor covering, with heat sensors if necessary
Compact Floor Heating Systems


Description & Advantages Of The Compact Floor Heating

The Compact floor heating is ideally suited for retrofitting a floor heating system. It can be easily installed on drywall floor structures without screed. The fast reaction time allows good control of the room temperature even in sunny rooms.

The Advantages

  • System is only 20 mm high (+ 0 mm; -1.5 mm)
  • Low weight of only 25 kg/m2
  • Surface ready for laying the floor covering
  • Fast installation, e.g. tiles can be laid after only 24 hours
  • Ideal for renovations
  • Continuous nap system allows free laying of pipes

Fast Reaction Times:

The Compact floor heating was subjected to comparison measurements with a screed floor heating system (Varioroll, pipe spacing 100 mm, screed covering of the VarioProfile pipe: 40 mm) for 24 hours.

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