How Does Underfloor Cooling Work?

Thermo-Floor underfloor heating systems provide cost effective and energy efficient heating during the winter months but they can also be used to provide underfloor cooling in the summer months.

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Underfloor Cooling

Our range of products also allows us to provide underfloor cooling all year round if required (for warmer climates) and we can also provide simultaneous underfloor heating and cooling – so one room heating and another room cooling at the same time from the same manifold.

An underfloor cooling system works by the transfer of energy by radiant heat exchange.

The floor is cooled to a temperature cooler than the surrounding air, the floor then absorbs radiant energy proportional to the temperature difference between the surface and the room and therefore reduces the radiant air temperature more than the temperature of the floor.

Unlike an air conditioning system, where air is forced over a cooling element, an underfloor cooling system will pass chilled water from a ground source heat pump, an air source heat pump or chiller through pipes laid beneath the floor.

How DOes Underfloor Cooling Work?
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