Underfloor Cooling Design

We offer our bespoke design service using full colour AutoCAD for each underfloor cooling project at no extra cost. We cover everything from preliminary discussions, through to dew point and humidity calculations to final installation by our own trained staff. We provide a zone drawing indicating the manifold positions, floor sections and pipe layout.

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Cooling System Condensation

When designing your underfloor cooling system we also take into account condensation on cooled surfaces. At high relative humidity the cooling capacity of the underfloor cooling system is limited to its dew point.

A dew point sensor on the underfloor cooling system reduces the risk of condensation and ensures the cooling capacity is greater when relative humidity is lower.

The underfloor cooling system is also designed with a neutral zone of 3°c if the same systems is also to provide heating. This is to prevent the system switching between heating and cooling when only either heating or cooling is desired.

The systems also come with a safety high limit thermostat which will close the primary heating valve should water pass through the system any hotter than 55°C to eliminate overheating.

Underfloor Cooling Design
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