Commercial Heat Pumps

Thermo-Floor can provide complete renewable heating and hot water solutions for your commercial property by utilising the range of commercial heat pumps. These air and ground source heat pumps have been designed to meet the large heating and hot water capacity needs of organisations or properties such as schools, hospitals, care homes and commercial premises.

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Commercial heat pump is the natural choice for larger buildings with advanced heating and cooling systems, and extra high demands on functionality. The newly developed cooling circuit with a more efficient compressor, new refrigerant and the latest generation of heat exchanger means that the pump can work even more efficiently throughout the year.

Commercial heat pump can supply the building with heating, hot water and comfort cooling. We have a long experience of developing and manufacturing larger geothermal heat pumps. All our knowledge can be found in this one. For example it contains compressor technology designed for heat pump operation that gives a very high efficiency rate. Heat pump can also be controlled via the Internet – perfect for those who have several buildings or live somewhere else.

Energy Saving

Installing a commercial heat pump pays off in a short time because of very large energy savings both for heating and cooling. There are good opportunity of adapting the heating installation to the prevailing conditions. For example an old system can be retained in parallel with the new system. With a heat pump you get comfort, it is easy to control and requires almost no maintenance.

Annual Efficiency

The best measurement of a heat pump's efficiency is the annual efficiency. It shows the relationship between how much energy is supplied and how much energy the heat pump gives, over a year. The energy profit that is made comes from the rock, ground or exhaust air system.

*) Tested according to EN14511 at BOW35 (including circulation pumps).

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