Solar Thermal Heating Systems

The sun radiates an immense amount of energy to the earth. Enough solar radiation reaches the globe in half an hour to meet the total annual worldwide energy demand. Thermo-Floor is taking a step into the future with its solar thermal systems, the perfect addition to the company's proven heat distribution and heat pump systems.

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Solar installations developed by Thermo-Floor are efficient all-in systems. Depending on the design, they are able to supply up to two thirds of the annual amount of energy required on average to provide hot water for a detached house. The service provided is also helpful. Comprehensive, qualified field service ensures fast on-site consultation concerning technical and commercial questions.

Combined with Thermo-Floor surface heating systems, the stored solar energy can be ideally used for auxiliary heating. The low temperature application of surface heating enables more efficient use of the solar energy than with conventional radiators, which require higher flow temperatures. Using solar thermal power as a means of auxiliary heating in case of renovation work is also a sensible, energy-saving measure, which is subsidised as part of the Market Incentive Programme.

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Solar Thermal Heating
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