Underfloor Heating Design

Thermo-Floor underfloor heating systems offer a bespoke design service using full colour AutoCAD for each project at no extra cost and can cover everything from preliminary discussions, through to computer generated heat loss calculations to final installation by our own trained staff. A zone drawing indicating the manifold positions, floor sections and pipe layout is provided with an estimate of the total cost of the project.

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Design And Calculations Of Underfloor Heating

The design and calculations for a water underfloor heating system in a solid floor should be conducted in accordance with BS EN 1264 and the details given on these pages are based upon this standard. The design of an underfloor heating system in a new build is a straightforward process consisting of 6 main steps:

  • Calculate heat losses and amount of heat required for each room or zone
  • Determine water flow temperature and pipe spacing
  • Determine manifold location
  • Calculate number of circuits required
  • Plan pipe layout
  • Calculating the capacity of an underfloor heating system
Underfloor Heating Designs

Calculating the output of an underfloor heating system correctly involves:

  • Setting the temperature of the water flowing through the pipes
  • Choosing the optimal pipe spacing in each zone, and

Determining the number of circuits necessary to heat the rooms It is necessary to obtain the following information about each of the zones to be heated:

  • Maximum Hourly Losses or Thermal Load
  • Heat output for Underfloor Heating
  • Floor Finishes & Coverings
  • Floor Surface Temperatures when fitting Underfloor Heating
  • Peripheral areas
  • Type of flooring Screeds or Timber to be laid and its thickness
  • Underfloor Heating Controls
  • Heat Sources
  • Manifold Position & Circuit Lengths
  • Underfloor Heating Technical Data
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