Yas Island Yacht Club, Abu Dhabi

Thermo-Floor UK’s overseas work began with this high profile contract for an under floor cooling system for the Beautiful Yas Island Marina Yacht Club, Abu Dhabi, set only a stone''s throw from The Yas Island F1 Motor Circuit. This iconic building was architecturally designed and set in landscaped grounds and now enjoys world-wide recognition.

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Yas Island Yacht Club, Abu Dhabi

Thermo-Floor’s Involvement

This prestigious client demanded only the best design and product innovation for this project, and to meet the brief of an underfloor cooling system for the main lobby and entrance foyer.

Thermo-Floor designed, supplied and project managed on-site the installation and commissioning of a bespoke and dedicated passive underfloor cooling system using three of our unique type RU-WW manifolds.

These bespoke manifolds were specifically designed and manufactured to fulfil this particular projects brief. Each manifold is fitted with integral plate heat exchangers which increase the temperature of the chilled water provided from the chiller plant. With over 6000m of our unique 20 x 3.4mm underfloor cooling tube, serving an area of 605m2.

Yas Island Yacht Club, Abu Dhabi

Designed by Omiros One Architecture for Aldar Properties, The Yas Island Yacht Club’s is conceived as an iconic landmark on the brand new Yas Marina and F1 Track in Abu Dhabi. Thermo-Floor were contracted by Cerbarco Abu Dhabi to provide underfloor cooling to the grand foyer of this stunning building.

The Thermo-Floor underfloor cooling system was installed and uses the Yacht Club chiller plant as the cooling source. The RUW-WW manifolds were installed with plate heat exchangers to ensure the water used from the chiller stayed separate from the water passes through the underfloor cooling pipes to eradicate contamination and to ensure the water does not freeze. A Thermo-Floor project manager oversaw each stage of the project including the installation in Abu Dhabi.

RU-WW Manifold

The RU-WW manifold is used with a pre regulated water supply for both heating and cooling. This low temperature manifold is factory pre-assembled, pressure tested to 700kPa and epoxy coated. The manifold ranges in size between 2-20 loops. The pre-assembled manifold comes complete with: welded support brackets, rubber mounting kit, three ball valves on each flow connection, each loop fitted with two preset TS-valves for heating and cooling, one isolating ball valve with flow meter and connections for the heating tube, high limit thermostat, condensation sensor and 24V thermal actuators.

Dimension Height Width Depth
4 660 570 260
5 660 630 260
6 660 690 260
7 660 750 260
8 660 810 260
9 660 870 260
10 660 930 260
11 660 990 260
12 660 1050 260
13 660 1110 260
14 660 1170 260
15 660 1230 260
16 700 1350 260
17 700 1410 320
18 700 1470 320
19 700 1530 320
20 700 1590 320
Yas Island Yacht Club, Abu Dhabi Brochure

Download the case study for the Yas Island Yacht Club, Abu Dhabi for information on the project.

Facts and Figures


  • Floor area : 605 m²
  • Insulation: 0.036 W/m.k
  • Floor insulation : 605 m²

Source of energy

  • Chiller Unit

Climate system

  • Cooling
  • Active cooling down to 17°C flow

Thermo-Floor system

  • Bespoke RU-WW-manifolds specific for underfloor cooling
  • Averaging sensor control for optimum climate control to each zone
  • 6km underfloor cooling pipe
Yas Island Yacht Club, Abu Dhabi
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Yas Island Underfloor Cooling Construction
Underfloor Cooling RU WW Manifold
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