Underfloor Heating & Wood Burners

Wood burners are becoming more popular and are mainly found in a domestic dwelling environment. This makes the wood burner ideal for an underfloor heating installation.

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Wood Burners

A wood burning stove deployed as a boiler is an appliance that can burn wood to create hot water. Some take the form of what you would recognise as a traditional wood burner whilst others look and work much more like a gas boiler.

Wood burners can come with a variety of rated boiler outputs from around 5,000 BTU to 90,000 BTU.

A wood burner can be deployed to power an underfloor heating system and can also provide hot water.

Designing a system that provided optimum heating and hot water system is relatively simple but Thermo-Floor can help you identify the right solution for your installation. We have over 30 years of multi heat source underfloor heating systems.

The underfloor heating system connects to the wood burner boiler and a hot water tank. For installation questions or help with choosing the correct underfloor heating for your project e-mail at sales@thermo-floor.co.uk or call our sales help line on 01455 203205.

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