Why Choose Underfloor Cooling?

Thermo-Floor underfloor heating systems provide cost effective and energy efficient heating during the winter months but they can also be used to provide underfloor cooling in the summer months.

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It Is More Cost Effective

Thermo-Floor underfloor cooling systems are more cost effective and energy efficient than air conditioning as the outside of the building accumulates less heat therefore reduces heat build up and consequently reduces energy consumption.

It Is More Comfortable And Healthier

Thermo-Floor underfloor cooling systems eliminate drafts, air pollution and dust circulation. Unlike air conditioning an underfloor cooling system will actually reduce the radiant temperature of the room rather than just blowing cold air, this gives the air a better quality.

It Looks Great!

Thermo-Floor underfloor cooling system is out of sight and there is no need for unsightly air conditioning units.

It Is Flexible

Thermo-Floor underfloor cooling systems allow you to have different rooms at different temperatures at the same time.

Underfloor Cooling
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