Wet Underfloor Heating

A radiator based central heating system works primarily by creating convection currents of hot air supplemented by some radiated heat. It also picks up fine dust from the floor and distributes it into the air and over the furnishings.

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How it Works for Homes

This convection results in the floor being the coolest part of the room and leaves a mass of warm air at ceiling level. This can mean that much of the energy, which had been put into the room, is wasted and not in the area you want it to be.

Wet underfloor central heating systems work primarily by heat radiation supplemented by some convection. Underfloor heating uses radiant heat, allowing you to experience warmth at a lower air temperature.

This has a very positive effect on the relative humidity of the room, making it feel much more comfortable than when using radiator or air heating. But that’s not the only reason why floor heating is the most comfortable form of heating. Wet underfloor heating heats your entire floor evenly. A cold draught blowing across the floor is now a thing of the past.

As a result, the room is heated much more evenly. In short a warm head and cold feet are inconceivable with underfloor heating.

Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet Underfloor Heating Compared To Traditional Radiators

Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet Underfloor Heating Leads To A Lower Energy Bill

Wet underfloor heating is particularly energy-saving. It goes without saying that an air temperature that is a few degrees lower already has a positive effect on your energy bill. This even distribution of temperature and the lower water temperature will increase your energy efficiency, saving you up to 15% on your bills compared to other heating systems. All this without having to lose any comfort at all.

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