WaterUnderfloor Heating

Water underfloor central heating gives invisible warmth which is ideal for modern living, giving clean interior design and maximum usable wall space.

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As there are no hot surfaces underfloor central heating is safer and cleaner than radiator systems with dust and air movement minimised.

Water underfloor central heating also has the benefit of low maintenance with no requirement to paint radiators. When compared to other forms of heating, the overall effectiveness of an underfloor central heating system can be seen below. The heat is concentrated where it is most needed for human comfort and energy efficiency.

As the floor radiates heat uniformly over its surface there is uniform heat distribution, no hot and cold spots and consistent comfort.

This has a very positive effect on the relative humidity of the room, making it feel much more comfortable than when using radiator or air heating. But that’s not the only reason why floor heating is the most comfortable form of heating.

The water underfloor heating and cooling system is absolutely care free. In the summer heat waves can be very discomforting for people in large spaces, places of work and public buildings. This system helps to prevent this from happening. But also the way in which the systems solves a well-known problem in commercial buildings which is climate control for the occupants.

Water Underfloor Heating For Commercial Heating

Water underfloor heating warms up the floor evenly. Also, the residents no longer have problems with radiators on which they adjust themselves. There is no risk of burning as the system is hidden. This improves hygiene as there are no dust pockets which can be difficult to clean. In this way commercial construction projects can really contribute to a healthy living environment for all occupants.

Water Underfloor Heating Is Ideal For Large Commercial Projects

Water Underfloor Heating For Commercial Heating

Water Underfloor Heating allows for Underfloor Heating & Underfloor Cooling

The heating and cooling works via a network of pipes within the floor screed. This is a modern system that takes care of both the residents and the environment. Also, you can recover the costs rapidly. Again, that is ideal for all commercial building project as budgets are getting tighter. You are actually buying a heating system and then getting free underfloor cooling as well.

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