Underfloor Heating Pipe

Our Polyethylene underfloor heating pipe is one of the most robust and sturdy available in the UK. However this does not compromise its flexibility, this is a result of over thirty years’ research, development and knowledge. The pipe has a thick wall diffusion barrier which eliminates corrosion as it is does not allow oxygen to pass from the air through the wall of the pipe.

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During production of the pipe an EVOH film (ethylene vinyl alcohol film) is applied to the exterior of the synthetic pipe. The film has a high diffusion resistance. This production method provides an optimal bond between the pipe and the EVOH layer ensuring that the tube and the EVOH layer do not separate. The pipe is kink resistant which makes it extremely suitable for all floor and wall heating or cooling.

Pipe Specification

16 x 2.7mm and 20 x 3.4mm (KIWA BRL 5601) - This PE-40 tube is used with a maximum water temperature of 50°C and a pressure up to 6 bar. In heating installations with a working pressure up to 3 bar it is possible to increase temperatures up to 55°C. 16 x 2mm (KIWA BRL 5602) -This is a PE-RT (polyethylene raised temperature resistance) tube. The basic material is Dowlex 2344. It has been specially developed for use in heating systems where the water temperature is up to 95°C.

Thermolink radiator connection system 14 x 2mm and 16 x 2mm - The plastic tube in the Thermolink system has thick walls and is seamlessly extruded. This PE-RT tube can resist high thermal loads (110°C – 3bar).

Underfloor Heating Pipe

This tube has a corrugated sleeve and is available in two colours (to enable the installer to distinguish between supply and return tubes). Thermo-Floor Alu-flex tube - is specially designed for underfloor heating systems and has excellent flexibility and reliability. It ensures a fast, economical and safe system. Alu-flex has a homogenous welded aluminum core with a 0.4mm wall thickness. This aluminum core is bonded using a special link layer that has a homogenous connection with the aluminum.

The combination of aluminum and electrons cross polyethylene combined in one product gives Alu-flex the advantages of the plastic and metal pipes: pressure tight according to DIN 4726 4729 IKP-UNI, 100% oxygen close, an evenly soak low coefficient, flexibility, sound dampening, after bending the tube stays in a solid form, resistance against high pressure and temperature, fully resistance against corrosion even with chemical or electric influences, can be relocated easily with a metal detector, little pressure loss and much more.

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