Wall Heating Modular Systems

Thermo-Floor provides advice on the principles of cosiness, energy savings, adaptability, temperature variations and system descriptions of Wall Heating Non Modular Systems.

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Variotherm Modular wall heating/cooling installations are a source of well-being. They provide heating through horizontal radiant heat instead of the ascending warm air provided by conventional heating systems. This avoids the permanent movement of air and the associated stirring up of dust. Rooms are evenly heated without different temperature zones in the heated rooms. By the way, solar heat is also radiant heat.


Cosiness is not only created through a certain air temperature in the room. The temperature of the surfaces enclosing the room is of equal importance. The perceived temperature is roughly consistent with the arithmetic mean of both temperatures.

What Makes People Feel Cozy?

People feel cosy when the following basic "thermal cosiness" equation holds:


Heat Production = Heat Loss

In this context, it is important that heat loss from the human body is as evenly distributed in all directions as possible. We feel uncomfortable if too much heat is lost in one particular direction (e.g. cold surfaces, draughts) or the heat loss is prevented in one direction (hot surfaces or vapour-tight, thick clothing). The lower the inside air temperature is, the warmer the surrounding surfaces (wall surfaces, floor and ceiling, as well as doors and windows) must be to ensure cosiness.

Compared to other heating systems, the Modular wall heating/cooling installations significantly increases cosiness. The installation of surface heating on an exterior wall, especially under windows, can largely cancel out the unpleasant effects from the radiation exchange between your body and cold exterior walls and windows. You can set the room temperature lower than you would with convection heating, since radiant heat raises the perceived air temperature.

Heat Production

Energy Savings

A lowered room air temperature along with increased cosiness significantly minimises energy losses. The approximate heating cost savings per 1 °C lower room air temperature are 6%. The low room air temperature has the additional great physiological advantage of significantly increasing the absorption of oxygen in the body.

The wall heating system is ideal for use with low-temperature energy sources such as condensing boilers, heat pumps and solar collectors because it operates with low surface and heating medium temperatures. With Variotherm wall heating you can achieve energy savings of up to 30% compared to conventional heating systems.

Energy Savings

Adapts To Suit Your Home

The Variotherm modular wall heating surfaces can be individually adapted to suit the local situation (windows, doors etc.). Visible radiators under the windows are a thing of the past.

Temperature Variations/Wall Structure

Various different wall fittings at a wall surface temperature of 30 °C and a standard outdoor (air) temperature of -14 °C.

Temperature Variations


System Description

The Variotherm ModuleStandardWall is an extremely energy efficient heating and cooling system. As a flexible panel system, it is pre-assembled for installation in walls and pitched ceilings. Here, heating, cooling and complete wall are perfectly combined in a single product. The desired room temperature is achieved by using hot and cold water circulation to make sure you feel completely comfortable all year round. Caution: The Variotherm ModulePanels must not take static loads for load-bearing wall constructions or be used for static building bracing.

The Advantages

  • Heating, cooling and finished wall in one!
  • Ideal for timber-framed buildings, pre-fabricated houses, attics and renovation
  • Heating system: large-surface, extremely energy-saving low temperature system
  • Cooling system: silent, no draughts, energy-efficient
  • A totally flexible panel system: 10 ModulePanels fulfil all building requirements
  • FERMACELL gypsum fibreboards and components tested for health and safety
  • Fire protection assessment (IBS Linz)
System Description



The Variotherm ModuleStandardPanel consists of:

  • The FERMACELL gypsum fibreboard 18 mm
  • With pre-installed Variomodular pipe 11.6x1.5 Laser at a grid size of 75 mm
  • Marking of the screwing points (fastening area) on the front side
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