Peterborough City Hospital

Peterborough’s 612 bed, four storey, multimillion pound City Hospital, built on the site of the former Edith Cavell Hospital, has brought a better all round health service to the City. The building is the largest building project in the city since Peterborough Cathedral was built over 800 years ago.

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Peterborough Hospital

Heating And Cooling For Hospitals Glass Foyer

The well thought out layout and comfort of the building was a high priority during the design stage, with visitors comfort and ease at the forefront of the spec. This can be seen from numerous features throughout the building including the hospitals glass atrium reception area. Where the comfort of the visitors wait was paramount. Thermo-Floor were awarded this contract by the Mechanical Contractor.

It was decided that a combined underfloor heating or cooling system was the ideal solution to ensure a constant temperature could be maintained in all seasons. The cooling particularly needed during the summer months to absorb the high levels of solar gain from the large glass roof.

With this in mind Thermo-Floor designed and installed a unique manifold, the RUW-K to provide underfloor heating or cooling depending on demand through a complex averaging control system monitoring temperatures throughout.

A Thermo-Floor Project Manager oversaw each stage of the project, which took 12 days to complete. And covered an area of 974 m2, across 64 heating loops, using 6,818m ( 4.1miles) our 20x3.4mm UFH tube.

Peterborough Hospital

The design of Peterborough’s new multi million pound city hospital has not only delivered a better health service to the public but has given the patrons a more comfortable wait in the reception area with simultaneous underfloor heating or cooling.

Thermo-Floor were contracted by Mercury Engineering for the project. Thermo-Floor installed their unique manifold, the RUW-K to provide simultaneous underfloor heating or cooling. This manifold works with both a heat and cooling source, for example a boiler and a chiller. This ensures the waiting area is not affected by solar gain from the glass roofed atrium and therefore maintaining the room temperature in all seasons. A Thermo-Floor project manager oversaw each stage of the project including the installation in Abu Dhabi.

RU-WK Manifold

The RU-VK manifold is used with a water supply temperature of 50°C or greater for heating and pre regulated 18°C for cooling. The manifold is factory pre-assembled, pressure tested to 700kPa and epoxy coated. The cooling circuit must have a pre-regulated flow to the manifold. The manifold ranges in size from 2-20 loops. The pre-assembled manifold comes complete with: welded support brackets, rubber shock absorbers, circulation pump, temperature gauge on return header pressure/temperature gauge on flow header, thermostatic valve complete with temperature probe into flow header, high limit thermostat linked to the primary valve and condensation sensor (which will close the primary cooling circuit should condensation become detected). Each manifold floor loop contains isolation valves for manual electric actuation on the return header and isolation ball valves on the flow header.

Dimension Height Width Depth
6 660 590 180
7 680 630 180
8 680 690 180
9 680 750 180
10 680 810 180
11 680 870 180
12 680 930 180
13 680 990 180
14 680 1110 180
15 680 1110 180
16 700 1180 180
17 700 1290 180
18 700 1350 180
19 700 1410 180
20 700 1470 180
Peterborough City Hospital Brochure

Download the case study for the Peterborough City Hospital for information on the project.

Facts and Figures


  • Floor area : 974 m²
  • Insulation: 0.029 W/m.k
  • Floor insulation: 974 m²

Source of energy

  • Boiler and Chiller

Climate system

  • Heating and Cooling
  • Active heating up to 50°C flow
  • Active cooling down to 18°C flow

Thermo-Floor system

  • Full service project execution
  • RU-WK manifolds for heating and cooling
  • Central control for each zone with averaging sensors
  • 4.1 miles underfloor pipe
Underfloor Cooling At Peterborough Hospital
Underfloor Cooling At Peterborough Hospital
Underfloor Manifolds At Peterborough Hospital
Underfloor Cooling RU WW Manifold
Underfloor Cooling RU WK Manifold
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