Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank HQ, Abu Dhabi

In 2012, following its corporate rebrand, the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank began a high-spec upgrade of their head office buildings, to include underfloor cooling throughout the ground floor atrium and coffee shop and mezzanine level coffee shop.

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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank HQ

Bank Head Quarters’ Cool Upgrade For Its Customers

This iconic bank, which was formally inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Information and Culture, when it opened in 1998 has won numerous awards within the middle eastern banking industry, and has branches across the middle east plus the UK.

This project consisted of the following:

Thermo-Floor UK’s Involvement

Thermo-Floor carried out a bespoke design of the underfloor cooling for the atrium and mezzanine areas, specific to the consultant requirements. This design covered an area of approx 1000m2 of underfloor cooling.

After ensuring timely delivery of materials from the UK to Abu Dhabi, Thermo-Floor were then responsible for the Project Management of the first zone of underfloor cooling on the ground floor.

For this our project manager travelled out and met with the construction team, to run through all design drawings and lead a training session with the installation team, and then supervised the installation to the first zone and completed a water test on the system. For this project we chose our exclusive RU-WK manifolds specific for underfloor cooling which has its own heat exchanger.

A total of 4 manifolds were used on the ground floor and 1 manifold on the first floor, and approx 7500m of pipe installed to provide cooling to the areas (nearly 4.5miles of pipe). The final result is a bespoke system that links to the buildings state of the art control systems, providing constant and comfortable temperature levels throughout the ground floor, via underfloor cooling, to counter the high temperatures that Abu Dhabi experiences all year round, and to alleviate the cold air drafts from the air handling units.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank HQ Brochure

Download the case study for the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank HQ brochure for information on the project.

Facts and Figures


  • Floor area : 1000 m²
  • Insulation: Rc = 0.032 m².K/W
  • Floor insulation: 1000 m²

Source of energy

  • On-site chiller

Climate system

  • Cooling
  • Active cooling down to 17°C flow


  • Full service project execution
  • 4 x RU-WK manifolds for cooling
  • Central control for each zone
  • 4.5 miles of underfloor cooling pipe
  • Integral heat exchangers individually sized to acheive the required cooling loads
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank HQ
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